Anglo-European College Seminar

aecc seminar pics

Last Saturday I was invited to do an introduction to the proprioceptive paradigm with students from the AECC.

I was extremely impressed with their dedication and enthusiasm. While some started the day sceptical as to what they would find, learning how to find weakness in their patients made so much sense that everyone seemed won over.

One of the most extraordinary findings of the day was the number of young people in weakness from a wire retainer. It’s amazing how we damage whole generations simply because we assume something is safe and because the principles of the proprioceptive paradigm have not reached our consciousness. They are not even on the radar.

And then on Sunday, some of my most dedicated and gifted students gathered to observe and swap notes as I bought in 6 patients to be examined and treated in real time. It was a challenging but  rewarding day and maybe a format worth repeating.  Sorry about the blurred photo.




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