New test for lumbar rotation stability

Lumbar rotation stability adjustment

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Bad Retainer

Monomer in Dentures

Headaches and Crowns

Reflex Reactions

If our sense of the outside world comes from our senses, our reactions to the outside world are controlled by our reflexes.

When we think of reflexes we typically think of an unexpected reaction to an outside stimulus. We might duck in response to a loud sound, dodge if we see something coming towards us, retract if we touch something hot or pull away if we stand on something sharp.

All of these “reflex” reactions occur when muscles contract in response to an external stimulus.

The reality is that outside forces are stimulating our muscles every time we move, run, jump, walk, throw, catch, get out of bed or hold our head up and our reflexes are governing our reaction to those forces. Reflexes are ultimately responsible for the action of our muscles and so govern the way we move. Continue reading

Why Proprioceptive Medicine is Essential for Your Health

Proprioceptive Medicine is a diagnostic technique system for Chiropractors and Osteopaths based on known anatomy, neurology and physiology applied in novel and clinically relevant ways. Proprioceptive Muscle Testing allows fully qualified health practitioners to examine and challenge their patients’ primary defence mechanism, the nervous system, and identify any and all weaknesses which make them vulnerable to illness or injury. This analysis quickly uncovers the best solution for that patient at that time.


Proprioceptive medicine is always constructive. It builds strong and robust patients who can overcome any health challenge, be it physical, chemical, biological or emotional – responding to any stress appropriately and repairing damage quickly and efficiently. Although it is an effective treatment method, it’s primary advantage is in restoring optimal function to prevent future injury and illness.

We run seminars and workshops worldwide for health practitioners as well as providing online seminars. Whatever your experience in healthcare, we invite you to investigate the science, logic and practice of proprioceptive medicine so that you can improve the outcomes for every one of your patients.


Is Our Brain Really In Control of our Body?

Using Muscles

What really controls muscles?

Proprioception is defined as body position sense – the ability to know where our body is at all times.

It refers to our uncanny ability to know almost exactly where our arm, leg or finger is, without looking at it. With proprioception, you can estimate the angle of your elbow, the position of your hand and the spread of your fingers. If you had to touch your nose, you could do so, even with your eyes closed. As impressive as this ability is, it is only part of the proprioception story.
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Muscle Testing Revision

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