Webinar 6-9-15

September’s Teleseminar covered Thoracic spine and shoulder. Here is a quick preview introducing a new technique to improve your thoracic exam.

The full video is just 30 mins long and is available for just £20.00. Click the Add to cart button below to purchase. The replay will be visible on this page after purchase.

Webinar September 2015
Webinar September 2015
Price: £20.00
AUD $43.80



Webinar 8-8-15

Webinar August 2015
Webinar August 2015
Price: £20.00
AUD $43.80

In this webinar we cover

5.20 Testing Gluteus maximus
6.30 Adductors
8.00 Sacroiliac pain and gluteal crest pain
9.00 Psoas testing and hernia testing
10.40 Strategies for femoral hernia
12.30 Testing for Inguinal hernia
13.00 Hidden shoulder weaknesses
14.00 Reducing inguinal hernias
16.30 pubic symphysis
18.25 Skip to 20.00
20.00 Sacroiliac pain
20.50 Kidney testing and kidney stones
26.00 Q and A
31.00 Testing lumbar extensors and flexors
33.25 Testing neck lateral flexion
44.00 pubic symphysis adjustment

Lemon Diet

CPD Certificate available on purchase of the webinar. Send an email request to [email protected]


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