There are many ways to create raving fans in your practice.

One of my favourites is a rolled up piece of tissue …..

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  1. Great patient, we could all do with filling out practices with guys like this. I recently had a 15 year old rugby player with similar generalised hip weakness that strengthened when he therapy localised his upper cervical spine. Previous concussion and trauma to this area was probably responsible for that. Adjusting his spine strengthened the muscles alot but we couldn’t make it last when he tried to exercise. I referred him for x-ray, turned out he had a slipped femoral epiphysis and has had surgery to stailise it. In my opinion though the pre-existing neck problem interferred with his ability to stabilise the hip with his own muscles leading him to place stress on the hip and cause the slipped epiphysis. Thank you Simon for making it possible for us to understand more about why our patients get injured and what we can do to help them.