The Robustness Solution

ROBUSTNESS is the key to great health

Clinic seminar

Learn new skills, practice old ones

Being able to test it and improve it is the key to great chiropractic.

Robustness is the ability to withstand external forces, be they

  • physical
  • mental
  • chemical or
  • biological

and therefore the ability to resist an external force is the ability to be well, healthy, pain-free and whole

A cutting-edge, proprioception-based workshop on your doorstep and maybe even in your clinic. It will change your life and you’ll get CPD points.

All treatment should build robustness, not treat illness and disease. A robust person is not subject to injury, illness and disease.

If you want to know how fast a car will go round a racetrack or up a mountain, you don’t put a drop of oil under a microscope or give it an X-Ray, you test its power, its steering and brakes.

As chiropractors, we are mainly interested in physical robustness, which is a function of the neuromuscular system. If we want to prepare our patients for the stresses of life, then passive tests like posture assessment and motion palpation aren’t up to the job. We need to stress their bodies, put them under pressure and see where they fail – because as an integrated unit, the body is only as good as it’s weakest link.

Clinic-based seminar

Relax with friends close to home

The ability of our body to withstand physical forces is dependent on our nervous system and specifically, our reflexes.

We use strength when we are in control of a movement (like doing a bench press) but we use reflexes to handle stresses that are unusual or unregulated – the ones that usually cause us injury.

We CAN measure and treat robustness

The ROBUSTNESS SOLUTION is a new intensive training for chiropractors.

It is a clinic-based intensive held close to your location. Holding workshops in clinics keeps expenses down and learning up. You learn the theory online so that we are free to concentrate on skill development during the intensives. Chiropractors love it. They get less travel, less time away from home, less time off practice and less expense, plus they get to hang out with colleagues and build up friendships, have fun and develop new, practical skills in diagnosis and adjusting.

The seminars run Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday and have been approved for 10 hours FLA CPD points by the CAA and in the UK.

I also have a team of personally-trained experts to deliver The Robustness Solution in the UK and Europe.


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