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Bonus foundations summary

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How to test muscles properly

There is an art to muscle testing and most people who test muscles are not testing for strength, which is a shame because strength is the key to great health.

How to muscle test

The rest of this 14 part summary of the entire technique is available with Gold Membership to appropriately qualified Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

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Why Proprioceptive Testing?

Proprioceptive muscle testing is different from anything else. It is designed to test a patient’s ability to withstand an outside force and the truth is, that’s all that matters.

How effective your testing is depends on your ability to test in a way that is relevant to their body and the stresses it is normally under, sometimes that means being creative with how we test and not relying on the standard Kendall and Kendall muscle testing system.

Here is a quick video demonstrating just a couple of new techniques that will be explained at this years’ seminars.

The seminars will be new and improved. Once you register, you will get full access to the online seminars so you can go through the material ahead of time and be able to spend the seminars having your questions answered and your techniques refined.

Proprioceptive Muscle Testing Illustrated


How NOT to muscle test

How to cheat with muscle testing

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Unnecessary pain and injury

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Why don’t some injuries heal?

Some injuries just don’t seem to heal no matter what treatment or therapy is used. This woman suffered for 12 years with low back pain after a whiplash injury. Turns out, the injury wasn’t the reason she didn’t get better …..

Whiplash for 12 years

2 years later ….

I’m not crying every day.” Karen Robinson is
a 38 year-old housewife from Stockport in Cheshire.

13 years ago, I had a car accident where I apparently suffered whiplash. As a result, I suffered acute back problems, culminating in me slipping two discs when I fell down the stairs. I spent thousands of pounds – reflexology, Chinese homeopathy… I just wanted to find something that worked! My local chiropractor thought it might be linked to my crown (the same year as my accident, I’d had a metal crown put in) and put me in touch with Simon.

I can remember my husband saying at the time – what have you been told now! So we both went and visited  Simon in Berkhamsted, and Simon asked me to do the dumbbell test, where he asked me to lift a dumbbell with my left and then my right hand. My right hand just wouldn’t move – until he told me to cover my crown, and then yes, I could move it!

On Simon’s advice, I had the crown removed and replaced with a non-metal version. I can honestly say that my back has improved ten-fold, instantly my strength came back… I’m no longer on tablets every day and I’m not crying every day.”

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Belly piercing and low back weakness

Belly piercing

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Testing the foot arch muscles

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