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Bonus foundations summary

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How to test muscles properly

There is an art to muscle testing and most people who test muscles are not testing for strength, which is a shame because strength is the key to great health.

How to muscle test

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Alternative Tests for the Pectoralis Major.

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Why Proprioceptive Testing?

Proprioceptive muscle testing is different from anything else. It is designed to test a patient’s ability to withstand an outside force and the truth is, that’s all that matters.

How effective your testing is depends on your ability to test in a way that is relevant to their body and the stresses it is normally under, sometimes that means being creative with how we test and not relying on the standard Kendall and Kendall muscle testing system.

Here is a quick video demonstrating just a couple of new techniques that will be explained at this years’ seminars.

The seminars will be new and improved. Once you register, you will get full access to the online seminars so you can go through the material ahead of time and be able to spend the seminars having your questions answered and your techniques refined.

Proprioceptive Muscle Testing Illustrated

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Creative Testing for Knee Pain

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Another new muscle test

If you have been following my work for a while, you will know that the secret to good muscle testing is to be able to test in a way that best replicates the stresses that patients will find themselves under.

Testing trunk rotation has always been a problem, until now. This new test makes testing trunk rotation easy and fixing a weak test will allow greater spinal stability.

Trunk Torsion Test

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How NOT to muscle test

How to cheat with muscle testing

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Twice the range of motion

Proprioception is a powerful ally in improving flexibility and strength. In this video, a 65 year old man demonstrates how he doubled his flexibility and increased his strength (after 10 years of yoga) in just one month, simply by removing his metal crowns.

Double your flexibility without exercise or stretching



Live Without Pain

The book he is referring to is Live Without Pain – A new theory on what’s wrong with you and how to fix it.

Download your free copy (PDF) by clicking on the book cover.

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Finding food intolerance using muscle testing

You might not believe this video, but it was taken exactly as you see it with 4 or 5 witnesses.

Digestive problems are extremely common and although there are many “guidelines” a science based on averages can never determine what is going to be right for every person. Indeed, people’s needs may change in time.

This woman had just come out of a 1 week stay in hospital for pancreatitis and cholecystitis after a long history of illness. Watch what happens to her as she tastes a cereal bar.

Cereal Bar Weakness

The Nutrition modules cover the science, philosophy and art of nutrition, using the unique power of afferent input (taste) and it’s effects on muscle tone to help you solve even the most difficult of nutritional or metabolic problems.

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A new Neck Extensor Test

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