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Alternative Tests for the Pectoralis Major.

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Finding food intolerance using muscle testing

You might not believe this video, but it was taken exactly as you see it with 4 or 5 witnesses.

Digestive problems are extremely common and although there are many “guidelines” a science based on averages can never determine what is going to be right for every person. Indeed, people’s needs may change in time.

This woman had just come out of a 1 week stay in hospital for pancreatitis and cholecystitis after a long history of illness. Watch what happens to her as she tastes a cereal bar.

Cereal Bar Weakness

The Nutrition modules cover the science, philosophy and art of nutrition, using the unique power of afferent input (taste) and it’s effects on muscle tone to help you solve even the most difficult of nutritional or metabolic problems.

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How Reflexology Really Works

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The Myotatic Reflex

The Myotatic Reflex (sometimes myotactic reflex) is probably our body’s most unrecognised and unappreciated defence mechanism. Forget about the immune system. When it comes to making it safely through the day, nothing comes close to the myotatic reflex.

Imagine that a muscle is able to constantly monitor its own length and tension no matter what its length, and is able to respond the instant its length or tension changes. Without the myotatic reflex, controlled movement would be impossible. Continue reading


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